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Cryo 6 Zimmer Hose 3M Quanta System DEKA Cynosure Candela

Cryo 6 Zimmer Hose 3M Quanta System DEKA Cynosure Candela

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Optimal Cooling Efficiency: Cryo 6 Zimmer Hose 3 Meter 

Condition : Brand New

Discover the perfect cooling companion for your Cryo 6 Zimmer system – the 3-meter lightweight hose. Engineered for efficiency and ease of use, this accessory enhances your cryotherapy experience. Dive into the details below to see how the Cryo 6 Zimmer Hose redefines cooling technology. The Cryo 6 Zimmer Hose provides a generous 3-meter length, offering practitioners the flexibility to reach various treatment areas effortlessly. No more limitations – achieve optimal cooling without compromising on convenience.
These are premium quality ZIMMER HOSE CRYO6 that are made exactly by the manufacturers requirements.

This Hose will fit these laser machines including,
    • DuettoMt Evo
    • DuettoMT
    • Domino
    • Light series
    • ThunderHR
    • ThunderMT
    • BIOS
    • DuoPro

    Laser GCC guarantees all of our products to be of highest quality at very competitive prices.

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